Incredible Bathroom Renovations & FREE estimation!

A bathroom renovation is one of the most important investments you can make in your home.

While you own your home, you’ll enjoy the upgraded features and added convenience.

When it’s time to sell, many buyers look for a recently renovated bathroom.

For complete bathroom remodeling services, you can count on Bromania Solutions

Our expert team in bathroom remodeling is here to help you plan and create the bathroom of your dreams.

When you have Bromania Solutions remodel your bathroom, all the options are on the table.

We work with a wide range of materials, and we can do anything you can imagine.

Our experienced designers can suggest ideas, and you can bring in

all your favorite ideas from home improvement TV shows, websites, and magazines.

For your FREE estimate on a new bathroom, call us today!

Increased Functionality:

Half-baths (toilet and sink) — great for guest rooms

Three-quarter baths (toilet, sink, and shower or tub) — ideal for growing families

Full bath (toilet, sink, shower, and tub) — plenty of room and privacy

Added storage space

Wall-mounted cabinets

Innovative Designs:

Frameless showers

Attached dressing rooms

Asian influences

Heated floors

Programmable appliances

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